About Us

Our story

Elevate Her UK is a non profit organisation that mainly provides support to vulnerable teenage girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Using our lived experiences we offer inspiring services such as:
  • One to one/group mentoring
  • Skill based empowerment workshops
  • Outreach sessions
  • Youth Safety awareness assemblies
Elevate Her UK is a youthful charity founded in 2017, officially registered in 2019. The birth of Elevate Her UK stems from our founder’s experience as a misguided teenage mum.
We have supported girls at risk of gang grooming, homelessness, mental health issues, teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, school exclusion and more. Our community outreach takes place in schools, colleges, universities, youth clubs, places of worship and more.
At Elevate Her UK we are fully trained, DBS checked and hold Public Liability Insurance. We have over 20,000 followers on Instagram. You can access our services online or in person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls and young women in need to reach their full potential and to positively guide them to be prepared for life’s challenges.
We also aim to provide a safe space to reduce mental health issues.

Our Vision

We want all girls and women to feel confident, motivated and inspired despite their challenges. We will continue to provide quality services, be relatable, educate and engage our service users to achieve this.
A negative can always be turned into a positive with the right support and mindset.


From the moment Ebony experienced an unplanned pregnancy at 18 she instantly knew that in the future she would be an advocate for misunderstood teenage girls. At the time she didn’t have much mental health support and a lot of the struggles she faced were kept to herself; she managed to stay strong and deal with the challenges.

Years later she was able to put all those that doubted her to shame by eventually graduating from university and finally achieving her goals. Ebony is a BSc hons Psychology and Counselling studies graduate, author, youth mentor and support worker.
With bachelors degree in sociology and subsequently retraining in IT, Vicky has over 21 years experience of working within the government departments in various local authorities in the UK as Office Manager, Project Manager and Business Consultant. She decided to have an early retirement from civil service to work for herself over 10 years ago. As an entrepreneur, Vicky runs her own training and recruitment company locally and internationally, owns a Fashion house, and has just recently ventured into real estate/property development.

Vicky is a seasoned Philanthropist, a kind hearted and generous human being who is readily available to support and help individuals and the community in general. A mother of two and grandmother to three, Vicky is a natural with children and young adults. She has over the years mentored and supported so many children who have turned out to be responsible and wonderful adults in the society. She enjoys travelling, socialising, an animal lover and loves to support good causes locally and internationally.
Maria is a Psychology graduate who is currently working as a Special Educational Needs school teacher and a part time beauty technician she is the owner of “Mazza Lashes” - an eyelash and eyebrow treatment beauty service. Maria has a strong passion for helping teenage mothers and single mothers as she became a single mother at 17. She has experienced a lot and she would like to share her story to other vulnerable young women to help them get through life’s tough challenges.
Amber is a Psychology graduate currently working in the field of mental health as a qualified psychological wellbeing practitioner. Amber has 4 years experience working in a coaching role and is particularly interested in helping people manage common mental health difficulties including stress, anxiety & low mood. Amber has a special interest in supporting young females in areas such as preparing for university, exam stress, managing stress around finances and achieving goals. Amber is also a keen traveller and enjoys visiting different countries and experiencing a wide range of cultures. Amber feels inspired to help other young people reach their full potential and to enjoy their life the best they can.


We have over 20 volunteers and 10 youth ambassadors that lead on finding solutions to the issues that affect young people.